Nov 6 Day 42 Anchors Away!

I preface today’s entry with the comment I hate Microsoft and follow that up with a curse on Verizon and the product development team which invented the “jetpack”. That device and the hassle that is Microsoft serve to absolutely annihilate any data plan you might think would be reasonable to support a modest level of blogging. Not to mention the continual upgrade requirements foisted on the technology challenged!

OK, so I also forgot to follow-up on the TBC (to be continued) reference over the water system. While it could have been a disaster, turned out N had simply disconnected one of the wires to the water switch while monkeying around removing panels associated with some other project. Nothing like an easy fix (in this case plugging the wire back onto the switch lead) to drive a bit of confidence and inspire the crew to believe you know what you’re doing! Bottom line….no water problem.

OK, so everyone’s tired of barge shots, but here’s a variation on a theme…a NIGHT shot! Can you believe these guys go down the river in the pitch black using those bright searchlights on top to see? This guy was pushing about six barges in front of him and had another two on either side.


I know, I know, ANOTHER barge related pic, but here you can see how the entrance to the lock is light up by those two big lights in the pic above.


We woke this morning at anchor in this beautiful little cut off the main lake. Turns out much of the rock for the dam was quarried from cuts like this one so although the entrances look skinny, there is plenty of water to safely anchor.

The AM scene returning from the campground on shore that included a heated bathroom and shower! Alabama has some great state parks.


This particular anchorage was as deep as 50’ in places despite being less than 50 yards wide in spots. There were also shallower spots more amenable to anchoring.


We’re seeing some colors, but have been told it’s nothing like a normal year (hmmm, sounds like an election comment)


Of course, just because it’s deep doesn’t mean it’s without problems! In this case, I’m delighted to report it wasn’t OUR problem, but our “sister boat” who got their anchor stuck. Now it’s good for your anchor to “stick” when you want it to stick, but you want it to unstick when you want it to unstick. Project time! We tried all sorts of pulling, tugging, wrapping lines around trees on shore for leverage, etc, etc… to get free. Nothing worked. Cutting the line was always an option, but they were anchored in only 15’ of water so N volunteered to jump in the water and take a closer look. Following the chain down he found the anchor caught up in a submerged tree and easily freed it.

The “dot” off the bow is N’s head as he prepared to go under!


Not such a big problem after all….and earned a free lunch later that day!

Here’s the evidence it actually was N in the water. Pretty surprising he’d jump in at 9AM although the water wasn’t too bad and he probably assumed there’d be some free beer and food as a result!


After that excitement we headed to back to the dock to take the car into Tuscaloosa to visit the University of Alabama (the Crimson Tide). This state is insane over Alabama football and N has been delighting in assuring anyone in Alabama gear we chat with that UW is going to “own them” come January.

This is it…the 100,000+ capacity home of the Crimson Tide!


It’s cooling down quite a bit now. Tomorrow we’re off back downriver to Demopolis where will re-join the loop and begin the final push to the Gulf.

5 thoughts on “Nov 6 Day 42 Anchors Away!”

  1. Barb, I totally agree with the part about Microsoft and Verizon, get to know a program and they make you upgrade, leave us alone! This wordpress blog is also a pain in the butt, why do you need a password… bla bla bla, but its worth the pain to get your posts.

    Barb, I’m wondering why Nick is always the one in the water, I thought you were the swimmer.

    Another great post.



  2. I am so proud of Nick! He is the HERO!

    We have some pictures of B Bd Eliott sailing through a very narrow passage in the San Juans at low tide. While I was washing the breakfast dishes, they stripped down to bare naked, in the Hero passage!

    I love those pictures, because we were so uninhibited back then! In Florida, watching election returns at 8:15. Barry is snoring!

    Love you both! J


  3. Hey Nick. You’re something, Bro. Down there with the gators, snakes, and snapping turtles. I would have handed the guy a knife and said, “Cut that line!”


  4. First off, way to go Nick in rubbing Bamaonians’ noses into the dirt pile predicting a Husky Bowl Game trouncing. That will be fun to play out. Are you leaving your boat in Bama through Christmas/Bowl Game period? Second, I laughed so hard reading about Nick (Nick!?) doing the rescue dive to save the anchor. Yes, beer and breakfast is a strong motivator. Good on you, Malden! Love the blog, Barb, even with all the pain in the rear software you have to deal with. Happy Cruising!


    1. OK HENRY, DESPARDS, JANE, DAN and anyone else….this is B here and I am disclosing that HALF of the posts (as of about a month ago) are not under my pen, but rather that of Nick! As much as I wish I could say all your amusement is as the result of my writing, it isn’t. Nick gets credit for not only being Mr. Fix-All, Mr. Diver but also Fun Columnist too.


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