Nov 3- Day 40 New River: Black Warrior River!

Yes, yesterday was a bit slow (espec from B’s perspective…the day slipped away from me: a little cleaning, a little dog walking and some car pooling  to/fro the golf course!) but today included a bit more:

Watching N successfully complete the battery project this morning was a relief. (I know, I know, you are probably tired of hearing about the damn batteries…but seriously, this is a good example of how one thing can haunt you until it’s resolved…which it is now, btw)   But thought you would like this just as a wrap up:

If I recall, there is another pic somewhere up in the posts where Don (from the sister-boat) is standing around lending a bit more than mere moral support.  Just for the record, Nick does plenty of standing around lending over at their boat too!

With the batteries in and double-checked, we thought we’d get the rental car returned and be off the dock by 11.  But a frantic search for a lost wallet (found at the rental car parking lot!) and a long wait for UPS to deliver our “sister-boat’s” overnighted /repaired computer, and more dog walks, and ice runs, etc, etc,  we were finally ready to go at 1:30.

Now we are headed UP the Black Warrior River (had to back track back up the Tenn-Tom Waterway about half a mile to its mouth.  Yay, another map opportunity!

Demopolis is basically at the confluence of the two Tombigbees and the Black Warrior.  Birmingham is way up off the map to the right. As you can see, there’s a lot of water to explore!

Our goal is to go up to Tuscaloosa which is just on the other side of HOLT Lock/Dam. We will leave the boat at a marina there for a day trip in a rental car to Birmingham.


Why Birmingham, you ask? You’ll see in a couple of days!                                                               In the meantime, here’s our first day on the Black Warrior River:



Scenery like this at every bend. 
Speaking of bends…..more upper and lower intestine shots (Jenni!)
More near misses! (not really…but if you look closely you can see there is only about 15′ between the bridge footing and the barge….compounded w/ the bends in the rivers, it requires alert driving skills! )

More locks to go through…some action shots of B getting the fenders and lines ready! AND a  super smelly fish stuck in our bollard! NOT what we had for dinner! But it did remind me of Phoebe  the rest of the day

Even with our late start, we made it to our planned anchorage up a little side cut and away from the barge traffic.

2016-11-3-andys-place Here Andy was nice enough to let us use his nearby dock to go ashore for dog relief and leg stretches.  “I like river folks!”, he exclaimed.   (At least he didn’t say N had a “purdy mouth”….. cue:    He also offered us his bathroom and shower! wow… super nice.  We didn’t take him up on his offer.

At anchor w/ sunset off the swinging stern.


One thought on “Nov 3- Day 40 New River: Black Warrior River!”

  1. Love the comment about Boss’s Boat. My kids feel the same way about my boats 🙂
    What reading material do you use to scout out all of your destinations and mapping? Is there a Waggoner’s for the Loop? Waiting around all day today for the UW-Cal game on TV tonight. I’m sure you’re watching it as well in Hillbillyville! And waiting breathlessly to hear what you’ll be doing in Birmingham!


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