Nov 2 Day 39 Not Much(!)

OK, so we’re sort of back in the swing of technology although no sooner do we get signal than we find a million-other people on it so it’s slow. We persevere! So not too much going on today as we were on the dock for the day waiting for our new batteries. I know we posted about the battery issue yesterday, but that info was sort of light and with not much to talk about today, I thought I might expound a bit on the issue. You can always skip to next paragraph if you’re not interested. One of the weaknesses of our boat is electric power. Frankly, this boat is more of a weekend camper than a long-range cruiser. We started the trip with two Group 24 batteries. Not only is that not very many batteries by comparison to other cruising boats, but Group 24 is light duty and, as it turned out, one of ours was bad. We decided to go with Group 31 marine batteries. One could argue that’s overkill. They are a lot heavier (something we don’t need in the stern) because they have more lead, but we have a lot of power reserve now and know both batteries are good…… I’ll admit a reasonable compromise in view of weight might have been a Group 31 house battery and a Group 24 for engine start, but we went with two 31’s. Even with the extra power, we will not be able to stay at anchor for more than a few days without firing up the engine to re-charge batteries from time to time. Geez, I’m even boring myself here!

You’ve got to zoom this in, but this is a 65′ Sunseeker yacht headed to South Beach from Knoxville (How cool is that? You can head to South Beach from Knoxville!). Anyway, this is what 75(!) gallons/hour look like! They’re going faster than we are! In a variation of “bosses boat”, the captain said to me “bosses bill!” and offered to take us to dinner in St Pete.


Demopolis is a major stop on the Loop as it marks the last fuel for a further 100 miles downstream and the only stox cdp (that should read “stop for”, but the dog just walked across my keyboard for the 100th friggin’ time and I thought you might be interested in the result) easy access to provisions before getting to Mobile a further 100 miles beyond that. There are lots of looper boats in the marina with plenty of vessels coming and going each day.

Basically every boat you see here is on the Loop. It was more crowded the first day we arrived but 26 boats left en masse in the AM.



Our second to last lock before hitting Mobile Bay and the Gulf is about a mile downriver from here and there’s a nightly meeting to organize boats heading to the lock the following morning. It’s good to go as a group to improve your chances of getting through efficiently in the face of increased commercial traffic.

If you zoom this in you’ll see a string of buoys leading to the mouth of the marina…..(see next pic)


Those buoys are actually supporting this tube being used to dredge the channel and they pump the sand up onto the shore here….see the pipe with the water sluicing out of it?


It was a hot day in Demopolis. After doing the laundry N went to play golf at the Demopolis Country Club after a serendipitous conversation with the owner of the local Buick dealership while picking up a rental car. The car guy overheard N try unsuccessfully to talk his way onto the course over the phone so the car guy intervened and got the tee time. OK, that part was good, but the club was far from special. N had to clean out a 12 pack of empties from the golf cart before starting and the course itself appeared to have been watered sometime last April. At least the ball rolled a long way!

In the meantime B did………uhmmm, well uhmmmm….turns out not very much! That’s not really too fair as B was working to catch up with the blog stuff, walk the dog, etc……

OK, honestly, I’m not going to drag out a day where not much went on. Tomorrow we’re taking a side trip up the Black Warrior River to Tuscaloosa. Who knows how our connectivity will be!

One thought on “Nov 2 Day 39 Not Much(!)”

  1. Hi Barb- Believe it or not your battery story did not bore me. In fact, I was impressed with you explanation. Batteries on boat are very important. My Rule of thumb in all things boating…”You cannot have too much power- not possible!”


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