Oct 27 Day 33 Lockin’ Down the Tenn-Tom


Today was a big, long day but short on overall miles: only 36 miles; 4 Locks; 4hrs 35 min engine hours;  but 7 hrs 50 min Total Transit Time.  Bottom line, the locks held us up in all aspects.  But we have some fun new lock photos to share and other new dock experiences. My artsy shot above: “Mississippi Monet”

I know, I know…you might be tired of my maps…but I like them!  This one shows the Tenn-Tom Waterway. It starts just on the south side of the Tennessee River 
On Wednesday, we left the Tennessee River (see map above!) and cut through the big man made gash (see the rocks above..striations are NOT Mother Nature’s work.  That first 50 miles or so was so straight and narrow and bordered by rip rap. It was built in 1984-5 so luckily it has had these last 30 years to grow vegetation along the banks.  The scenery is already starting to be even more interesting and change and will continue to do so as we head further south each day.



Although we have never been tied up to a barge in a lock, here was our first experience to witness it…and it was our “sister-boat!”

Look at the before and after water drop comparison in another lock! 

Another perspective of the height of the water level droppage, the bollard and the tie down (and the grunge on the boat from the lock wall)!


2016-10-27-b-sun-lockApproaching dock Sun in eyes, not practicing my Lewis and Clark explorer pose.

Fun signs at Midway Marina where we stopped in to kill a few hours waiting to be invited to go into the next Lock.  Lockmasters were taking all the commercial traffic up and down before taking any pleasure craft.  It’s the law; so we can’t complain …..too much.

They were quite proud of this hot tub rule sign, btw.   
Hmm, ya’ mean paison?  maybe that’s why some ppl call pizza a pie?

We stayed the night at Smithsville Marina (unplanned, but we ran out of day and patience with the locks) Although not as snazzy as places like Green Turtle Bay, the marina was quite full of character and characters.  Aside from narrowly missing being entirely blown to bits in the tornado of 2011 it is now run by the son of the man who did,sadly, die in that tornado. On top of that, it’s just a plane colorful character spot:


All live-aboards: some loopers others from this fun dock
General condition of the dock and boats…the “bumper” sticker  on the top right house boat belonging to the guy in the left side of the prior photo says : “Noah was a live aboard” ….the Ark, whereever it is, is probably still more seaworthy than this one. Note the toilet on the stern of another guy’s boat.
Look at this guy’s cool way to carry the mast (can’t fit under all the bridges from Chicago to Mobile, Al)…and it carries his dinghy!  Most other ppl have to ship their masts for as much as $10,000.
Morning sunrise at Smithville, MS
Baby Got Back…. Or,  Honey, do I look fat w/ this dingy on? (a/k/a wasting time waiting for the lock to open for us!)

One thought on “Oct 27 Day 33 Lockin’ Down the Tenn-Tom”

  1. I love the fact that white trash is well represented on your trip. 🙂
    So who is humping that full-size weber barbecue? Did that roll on somebody’s swim step?


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