Oct 26 Day 32 It’s the Water…and a Lot More

We are now getting deep into “banjo country” so we can’t count on solid internet or cell coverage…whoa, we’re in those “white spots” on the Verizon coverage map! As a result we can’t always get on-line to post our latest update. Of course if there’s a two or three day gap maybe we’ve sunk, but the odd miss is due to remoteness.

Anyway, today was a day of transition as we finished up some on-shore touring followed by helping our new friends drop off their rental car before heading south in earnest. B had been insisting on touring the town of Iuka, MS (yes, three vowels and a consonant). The dock master at Grand Harbor had no idea why we would want to go to Iuka. He even asked his assistant (who’s from Iuka) and she couldn’t come up with any reason to visit. Be that as it may, off we went! And look, we came across the FIRST non-Trump yard sign of this entire trip!

It was a pretty good little place to visit. Not only did we see the source of the mineral water that won the “world’s best mineral water” at the 1902 St Louis World’s Fair,

It may be a winner, but I’m not drinking from this pipe….Ziggy seemed equally dubious.

but we also visited a cool historical museum with all sorts of stuff in it.

Notice the upside down US belt buckle on the confederate uniform. Johnny Reb used to take the buckles off union soldiers (because the Confederates were short buckles…amongst other things) and use them upside down to keep their pants up.
A cute “Southern Belle” making a telephone call.

I have no idea how I got this mosaic effect, but here’s a courtroom scene from rural Mississippi…the Right Honorable Nick Malden presiding.

The whole experience was enhanced by a “locked the keys in the van” experience which ended up with the museum docent calling the police to tell them she had some folks all the way from Tacoma, Washington (we were the first Tacomans to EVER visit the Iuka museum) needing help with their car. No, Barney Fife didn’t show up, but the police put us on to someone else whose wife showed up with her 3-week-old baby and “broke into” our van.

Note the three week old baby in the parking lot. We were lucky to borrow a chair from the museum so mom could get to the position necessary to unlock the door.


Of course, the whole process was complicated by Ziggy being inside the van and trying to fiddle around with the probe being used to unlock the car. It all worked out.

Nick was also successful in finding Zaya rum today. Seems hardly worth mentioning, but he has been relentless in searching out that brand with little success since running out some time ago so he bought two bottles!

Anyway, with all these doings we got a late start on our voyage. We are at the beginning of the Tenn-Tom waterway which we will now be following all the way to Mobile. Many wouldn’t consider the Tenn-Tom very scenic as it is basically a man-made ditch linking the Tennessee and Tom Bigbee rivers.

So the river is pretty narrow in spots at this stage, but that’s no reason to go slow! Just call these big boys on the radio with a heads up you plan to pass…. (keen observers will notice a change in our bow. One planned and the other not so much!)
…..then bye bye little gasser! Eat my wake.

Of course, there are trees and greenery, but the waterway itself is only about 280’ wide interrupted by large lakes with nice anchorages (we still have to do that, but we hate to immerse our super fancy anchor). There are quite a few locks to clear coming up including stretches with two or three locks within less than 10 miles. Remember we have had runs of over 200 miles without a lock so the next few days will be action packed!

2 thoughts on “Oct 26 Day 32 It’s the Water…and a Lot More”

  1. You know, Malden, you just can’t make this stuff up! Iuka is right up there with Humptulips! I spy a matching set of used white fenders on the port bow (replacing the black and white ones), and a new spotlight on the pulpit, no doubt to help with Snipe hunting! Winner winner chicken dinner?


    1. Nope….we decided we don’t need the extra gas right now so we poured it into the tank and stored the two cans for future reference. That light was always there, just hidden by the gas. In addition, our bow burgee flag pole finally gave up in the face of a constant 20 knot headwind so I need to get a new, more robust model at some upcoming stop. Thanks for playing!


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