Oct 22 Day 28 Foggy Fishin’ Blues

Today started brisk with a lot of fog coming off the river. I guess that’s why some people run with radar, but wait an hour or so and it dissipates. We had once again been relegated to the sailboat area because of our relatively short length and narrow beam. The good thing about it is we are able to get into marinas that are otherwise full. There are only so many spots for some of these bigger boats and 30’ with a 10’ beam seems to be a magical spot.

Peacefully at rest amongst the sailboats!


Of course, there are some people even more flexible than we are. Here’s a boat being driven by two women who are taking it from Chicago to Mobile! That’s a pontoon boat with a 50hp motor, about 8 gas cans and pitched tent! The women said they’re loving every minute of it! PS: both had grandkids so don’t think these were crazy teenagers.

Cool pontoon boat called “Find-a-Way” and they did! Good lesson. That hanging black shroud is the head!


After an easy morning we decided to delay our trek down the Tenn-Tom Waterway and head instead to Florence, AL…..birthplace of the blues and location of two Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail golf course across the river in Muscle Shoals which is another famous music town (The Rolling Stones amongst others recorded here). It was a pretty short trip, but a lot of fun insofar as there were tons of bass boats on the water fishing together with a lot of “looper” boats headed the other direction. The latter were getting back on the loop after detouring for a “looper” convention where there were apparently about 65 boats attending. No doubt they thought we were lost, but little did they realize we travel about 3X’s the speed of most of them. They’re mainly trawlers and we’ll be blasting by them in the next few weeks.

There was a big fishing contest this weekend which explained the bass boats….and now I understand why they’re so fast. Everyone gets a time slot to leave the dock and another time slot to return, so the faster you can get to your spot(s) in the AM and the faster you can get back in the PM, the more time you have to fish. That’s important because the winner is the person with the most poundage caught over two days.

You can see several bass boats filing into the harbor between the looper boats…at this writing the winning weight was 36lbs of fish.


These boats were screaming over the water. I even saw one guy with a helmet. His passenger did not so not too sure how good a friends they were! Guess what the winner gets? A NEW bass boat.

This boat sits no more than 18 inches out of the water, has a 250hp outboard, >25 fishing poles on board and 3 plotter/fish finders(!).


We’re going to stay in the Florence Marina for a few days. This their BIGGEST day of the year at the marina because of all these looper boats headed the other direction, but we got in no problem (30’ x 10’ strikes again). Of course, we’re in the sailboat area, but who cares, others were turned away or had to stay on the gas dock!

This nearly 100 year old café (where orange-pineapple ice cream was invented) in Florence was built on a piece of land previously owned by a confederate soldier who was killed while carrying his regiment’s flag and who now haunts the place to this day.


Looking forward to a few days here before heading back to where we came from to re-start our journey south.

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