Oct 20-21 Days 26 and 27 Much Ado ‘Bout Nuttin’

Feature photo is a slightly distorted panorama shot….to the left is northward from whence we came (hence the wake!): Pickwick Lock/ the down flow of the Tennessee/Kentucky Lake. To the far right in the pic (where we will go in a day or so) is  east and UP the Tennessee to Florence, Alabama (could go all the way to Chattanooga and Knoxville, fyi) but right now we are heading south a few miles to the beginning of the Tenn-Tom Waterway.

This post combines a few days!  Yesterday we awoke with much trepidation wondering if our ministrations from the prior day had worked. A few sniffs seemed to confirm things were much better, but final judgment was still pending as the marina was within wafting distance of the local pulp mill.  Of course, coming from Tacoma you’d think we could tell the difference! And YES!  We are free of odors of any sort!! N had great success with members of the Bayliner Owners Forum super responsiveness and helpful advice.  Bottom line: we think we dumped waaaay toooo much of that blue chemical that is supposed to help get rid of smells! hahaha… so now we are being much more judicious but also learned a lot of other cool things which we are going to take action steps toward to improve overall water-tightness issues, etc.

When you have absolutely no time pressure to get anything done it seems like you run out of time to do anything! Maybe this Nashville stuff is rubbing off as it sounds like there’s a song in there somewhere. Although the day started out fine, by mid-morning at the Pickwick dock we were hustling to get off the dock before getting hit by some ominous weather rolling in (we were too busy to take a pic!). About the time we left the rain really hit. We don’t mind the rain these days because this boat has a perfectly comfortable inside helm so we enjoyed a brief cruise snug inside the cabin.

It was an easy day as we only planned to go about 11 nautical miles to nearby Grand Harbor Marina (hey, now we are in Mississippi!) where we hoped to get some expert advice on solving our nautical problem(s) (which we ultimately no longer needed help with). Unfortunately, we should have been planning a 12 nautical mile trip as the place Nick spoke to about service was another mile down the river from the place we stopped! What? No seriously….how hard can it be to keep track of one little destination target?

OK, luckily Grand Harbor Marina is perfectly nice although we came in rather inelegantly after B insisted we dock on the side of the boat she’d already set up the fenders even though it required reversing onto the dock in significant wind. After putting on a brief marina show, we got onto the dock the way we should have done in the first place (and the way EVERY other boat in the marina had done) after moving the fenders of course.

Grand Harbor Marina, Iuka, Miss. Top/North end of the Tenn-Tom Waterway.  Condos/rentals…basically empty.
Really nice, comfy, fun swinging chairs and tables along the marina dock…. want this at home!
Ziggy and her first pumpkin.  Nice to meet Captain Mike of Inch-n-Along    see inchnalong.blogspot.com    Yes, he has a golf cart, picnic table, grill, etc at his slip that abuts the water!

Once tied off and plugged in we headed to a SMALL country town to buy some groceries and other supplies.  The great thing about being in a small community without big box stores or a Walmart within 30 miles is that there are stores with “real” personalities. This is but one of many ‘treats’ decorating the hardware store:

Isn’t that cool????  Not for sale though!  They did have a big carved 3/4 life-size sasquatch that had just been sold for $850!!!!  (See??!?…sasquatches DO exist!)  and some really nice Amish handmade rocking chairs too.

Joan, from our sister-boat, needed to head home to Boise for a few days, so we ended up w/ Don in his rental car for a short drive to the historical battlefield of Shiloh (back to Tennessee!). Very excellent  National Park movie re-enactment…even B could sit thru it!  Largest loss of life in any battle: Over a 2 day period total of over 23,000 killed/wounded and then died/lost.  N needs to do the math of the then-current population of the US to see that percentage of loss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aUd67YvF8Y  

open grounds of the fields
Obligatory cannon pic
Only a small pic of the thousands lost. Many in unmarked graves scattered all over.

Morning at Grand Harbor Marina after a cold night:2016-10-21-morning-mist

One thought on “Oct 20-21 Days 26 and 27 Much Ado ‘Bout Nuttin’”

  1. It is a special place, Shiloh. love the pumpkin picture with Ziggy! Spontaneity sounds great!

    Glad you got the smells out of the boat! Heading back to Atlanta today from Dallas!


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