Oct 18 Day 24 Clifton to Pickwick

So we’re into a rhythm of odd and even days where B is responsible for one day and N the other. It’s up to you to figure it out although who’s generally ODD should be pretty simple.

Today we went about 60 miles on the river from Clifton Marina to Pickwick State Park. We had to pass through the Pick Wick lock where we had a 55’ lift to Pickwick Lake.

Of course having Ziggy marching around the helm doesn’t make navigating any easier!

[Editor’s Note: I want our readers to really understand that not only did Ziggy choose to be right up by Nick, but also he didn’t move her off. Further, not only did HE take the picture but he also posted it. Pretty good for someone who claims dogs are a nuisance!]

By now we are totally confused whether we are heading up river or down river, but this lock sort of marks a “hump” on the route so now we are basically headed downriver from here…..except when we turn left to go visit Muscle Shoals when I think we’re going back up river! But then we’ll turnaround and go downriver…..is that clear? Honestly the only significance is to where you need to put the red channel markers….and that can vary! As a side note, as a Pacific Northwest boater can you believe we’re about to get to Alabama from Pittsburgh on our way to the Gulf of Mexico?! Amazing!

OK, so the town of Clifton, Tennessee was pretty depressing. Nice town, but nothing in it like so many towns by passed by the interstate and skewered by a Wal Mart within 20 miles.

As you can see we are beginning to get the fall colors we hoped to see.

End of Clifton Main St with view of the Tennessee River

We went for a walk through town this AM. There were really some nicely re-done buildings, but there was nothing going on commercially.

Really nice building, but basically empty!

OK, no politics here, but readers might be interested to hear we have not seen a Hillary sign since we’ve started.

B and Ziggy are getting tired of the political landscape here along the river!

[Editor’s Note: Pls note the scrumpled,  unhappy face I have…]

Here’s a pic of out boat heading into the Clifton Marina, I don’t care what you say about the brand….that’s a cool looking boat! This entrance is pretty typical….small cut off the big river,


Of course we looked pretty insignificant on the dock. On the left, our boat! On the right a 43′ Ocean Alexander (very nice boat). One couple in each….of course one couple has about 10x’s less into their boat and gets where they’re going twice as fast!

Believe it our not…they’d rather turn left!

The trip was pretty scenic today with interesting rock formations, nice houses and increasing fall colors


So some readers are interested in data versus “feelings, observations” and general “ruminations” and we’ll try to add some stuff. If you prefer the former…STOP reading now! “Interesting” thing today was the fuel consumption difference between our boat and the Bayliner 288 we’re currently traveling with. EXACT same boats, but our friends like to travel at about 20 mph (3,600 rpm) whereas we’re going 20 knots (~24mph) at 4,100 rpm. You like how we’re more nautical with “knots” reference? Despite going 20% faster at higher rpms’s, we burned 30% less fuel over the same stretch of water. We have our dinghy on the transom and they’re towing theirs and they have all their flybridge eisenglass up and we don’t and that’s the only difference. I’m thinking it’s the blue hull. OK….techno’s out!

OK…we’re in Pickwick hoping to play golf and hike tomorrow! More later.

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