10-17-16 day 23 Hikin’ off Some Calories Pebble Isle Marina to Clifton Marina, Ky

We seem to be sleeping in a bit more each day! I could say it is because the temps are more comfortable and we’re sleeping more soundly….but honestly, it’s probably just because the cares of the world just seem to evaporate.  It’s different than a “regular” vacation.

After our usual eggs-veggies breakfast, only one of us  topped it off with this FREE best-I’ve-ever-tasted homemade cinnamon roll  by Billy, the dockmaster, at the Marina….oh, I guess I disclosed who did the tasting/eating!!

Billy’s Secret:  Triple the cinnamon and frosting and drizzle honey over the top of the frosting for the sweet tooth finale! Yum!

That got us/me roaring into gear for the perfect combo: a 5 mile history hike!  Fun!

2016-10-17-sign-breastworks-etc Aside from the double-entendre and my dorky pose…the point of this is that Johnsonville “hosted” a major battle between the Confederates and the Union.   But, although it was a very intense and devastating loss for the North, it was a short-lived victory with no lasting impact for the South…other than to result in holding a record: historically, it is the ONLY place where a cavalry has ever defeated a navy!

Doesn’t get much better than this for me: The woods, leafed trails skirting the water’s edge,  sunny day, and Nick and the doggy!

The trail meandered through the woods and skirted the Lake where the remnants of the town of old Johnsonville  remain mostly under water since 1944 when the Kentucky Dam back-filled the entire area with water.




This confederate officer housing is enough for me now! (Seriously– after happily being on the small boat, I could easily see living here…other than wincing every time Nick were to hit his head.)
Classic battlefield shot…can’t leave it out!  (note: all this water is here as of the 1944 dam so the soldiers’ view probably was less picturesque for many reasons.
Probably it’s great grandfather was around during the Civil War?  Nearly missed it– like a Highlight Magazine at the kids’ dr’s office!

After the hike we said good bye to the Marina and Billy, the Dockmaster-Cinamon pastry Chef,  and this big ol’  “sign”  (as they say down here)

I guess they really must mean it when it’s written really big on a cool re-purposed boat and with fancy writing.












And we got on the water around 1:30 for our afternoon cruise to Clifton, Kentucky. Although there are still stilted houses, falling signs, interesting bridges, there are drastically far fewer barges and no major communities.  A few more things we saw today:

Nice rocks along the waterline and the leaves are starting to show off!


And this is another reason knowing which side to go on is hard.












Probably not a re-hab project even I would be interested in.

TV Room By Night:


As I write this, Nick’s out on the dock café for Monday Night Football.

Marina Cafe by Day (Note boat in background!)

Fun little place!

2 thoughts on “10-17-16 day 23 Hikin’ off Some Calories Pebble Isle Marina to Clifton Marina, Ky”

  1. Sleeping in, snuggling, breathing in and out while contemplating the events of the day. It sounds way more relaxing than your life at home!

    I enjoyed the Johnsonville Journey. Have read that history from a Boone history. It’s just Boone. Very good!

    Love the Demi picture of your dream home, Barb. I can see the self designed , self constructed cabin over by the fire place.

    The big house could be the Conference center for retirees seeking adventure training and coaching! Also the starting point for learning de stressing techniques!

    You could probably make it grow!


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