Oct 16 – Day 22 Paris to Pearl Island

Wow, the weather changed quickly and we woke up to a really nice sunny day. Not too hot, not too cold….just good. Of course there was a general pall over the state of Tennessee as the football team got blasted by Alabama on Saturday. So many people were optimistic yesterday wearing their orange, but reality bites. We didn’t care, Washington had a bye!

Our super exciting news today was we found yet ANOTHER storage cubby on the boat. Who’s in charge of this vessel anyway?! Unbelievable. When you’re on a 28’ boat finding space like this is like adding a two car garage to a conventional home. Honestly, I think that’s it for the storage finds now.


Wow, all this stuff now has a home out of sight with room to spare!


Here’s another reason not to swim in the river…check out this SNAKE we saw swimming. Whoa!

This snake was about “3′ long” (per Barb so interpret as you will, but I guarantee you it was no longer than that!)

Anyway, Nick spent much of the morning figuring out (er….trying to figure out) the chart plotter….finally. About an hour into it and after countless beep beeps he broke out the owners manual and made progress! We continue to maintain that Navionics on an iPad is stunningly competitive, super simple and our system of choice…..OK enough chip head stuff!


Today was a short day on the river as we decided to go with the flow and travel with our new buddies to their destination of choice about 30 miles downriver (that might actually be up river but whatever….we went 30miles!) to Pebble Isle Marina. Check out the size of this body of water (see headline pic) , but you need to follow to the channel markers or eat silt!

We almost smoked right past the entrance to the harbor, but fortunately we had our new image stabilizing binoculars(!) and could read the signage.

We could zoom right in on the sign and the x-ray feature comes in handy at the dock!



clearly a “solid base” provides additional stability.


This was super narrow channel with no room for error. Even Nick had to slow down.


It was warm, so once we tied up Barb broke out the “hillbilly sun shade” otherwise known as a sheet hung from our canvas. Check out the picture

Gas tanks strapped on the front, sheets out the back, but these marinas don’t mind.


….who looks classier, the Bayliner with the parasol, or the one with the sheet? Barb claims it’s a designer sheet but come on! Honestly, it’s embarrassing even for me! Couldn’t we at least have a matching sheet color?! Regardless, it’s a nice marina and we’re enjoying meeting lots of locals whose names invariably end in “Y” like Tommy, Billy, Johnny….you get the idea!





2 thoughts on “Oct 16 – Day 22 Paris to Pearl Island”

  1. Whoa! Big Snake! Definitely a water moccasin, but not sure if it is a cotton mouth. It gives me shivers!

    Glad you have good weather! I am reading your blog out loud to my sister at night. She loves hearing about your adventures. She is the one who came out to visit me this summer at your house.

    A pertinent question. Does Ziggy like the boat? My guess is that Ziggy is just happy to be with both of you! Does she sleep in a crate?

    Travel safe!


  2. Love the new Binos. Are you using them for birding?
    Regarding the sun shade, I vote for the Ralph Lauren bed sheet. At least it’s flat and not fitted…


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