Oct 15 Day 21 Flowin’ by Not Flowin’ at Paris Landing, Tn

I’ve realized that once you decide to stay two nights in one spot it becomes much less of a “search and destroy-survival” event and instead  more of a leisurely flow—which is what I thought we were doing already!

So Nick jaunted off for his first golf outing since his rib incident 5 weeks ago.

Off to the “office” with his “briefcase” 
4th Hole

And Ziggy and B went for a “hike” along the lake that turned into a scramble after the trail petered out…..and then a jaunt through a parking lot.

Kentucky Lake
Leaves starting to change! Yay!


Unhelpful sign in parking lot!  I wanted the trail!

But then  Ziggy and I happened upon the Confederate Army Reenactment Camp

Confederate Encampment Life
And death.

We did actually flow a bit on the river on our “sister-boat” for a dinner outing to Fat Daddy’s where we snuck in in 2’ of water! Yikes!  Just a little silt kicked up. Nice to be able to raise the prop!

Wondering if Don and Nick meet the requirements of this sign?  (as an aside and despite the sign, there was NO Budweiser!)  I think the dogs make them look credible, right?
Got some dancing in too with these hot guys.

After dinner we returned to our quiet, peaceful and what we thought was empty-of-all-life marina and were greeted by the last Harvest Moonrise of 2016 (see feature photo above!).  We had planned to go see the Cannon Ball extravaganza at the Confederate Camp but the ranger told us it was nothing special. Sitting dockside in the dark, the cannons pounded in the distance at least 6 times and echoed even more.  Inky (our sister-boat dog) ran away crazed.  She did return out of the shadows of the woods but not after the four of us and a very nice couple who live aboard searched and called for an hour (I guess it WAS a search and survival kind of day after all).  During that time we all came across, to our surprise,  quite a variety of fellows on their boats at this marina… I’m sure if you let your imagination go, you could come up with a few visions and conversations.

15 thoughts on “Oct 15 Day 21 Flowin’ by Not Flowin’ at Paris Landing, Tn”

  1. Your photos and running dialog are great. Love the “he said” “she said” Ziggy stories and hearing about your trials, tribulations and triumphs! We couldn’t even see the Super Moon last night here with all the weird nastiness going on, so it looks like your timing was perfect. And thanks to you, I now can’t get Willie’s “On the Road Again” song out of my brain! 🙂


  2. Hi guys, We are glad you bought the Image Stabilizing Binos…. BUT, it seems all pictures of Nick have a 3 day growth and rather ratty personal appearances. My I suggest An “Image Stabilizing Shave and makeover” for Nick Please. DDD

    Sent from my iPad



      1. Hi Nick and Barb, I think we really screwed up, I have been replying to your posts like it says “Respond to this post by replying above this line”because I thought you were making it easier for the technology challenged. I am not sure if you are getting our messages but we have a lot of stuff/shit to share. Let me know if you are getting our messages. Dave and Alix


          1. “I have noticed that I do not see an American flag on your vessel in the last several shots. I do see the Washington state flag however?” I can send a new American flag along if you like should this be of assistance. It may explain why your ballots could not be delivered” DDD



          2. Love the post and the fact that your are really exploring the local color and history, too bad about missing the Coon Hound Cemetery Barb. We once took a family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, my sisters and I took bikes looking for our families gravestones, Dave kept looking for bars but the towns were all dry…..

            I would have loved that Indian mound, as kids we had a Indian mound that had been turned into farmland we used to spend hours in the field looking for arrowheads, beads ect, sad but fun, I still have my string of Indian beads.

            3614 Jackson Highway, Cher what could be better. And Hellen Keller, she is my secret at dominoes.

            Thanks for the post and pictures.




          3. Hi Nick and Barb, I’ve been coping some of our posts that we sent you in email and pasting them into this send box not sure where they are popping up. Dump and run and off to Whidbey with the Posts.


          4. “We have set aside a HUSKIES scarf for Ziggy. A lot classier that the wife beating, dog shooting, American flag sitting Seahawks. Oh and yea —they are undefeated.”



          5. N and B, I love the bucking bronco squirrel, no price?? I did not see the panorama shot but no biggy the description is all I need. Glad you liking being a dock rat.



          6. The reason your boat uses less fuel is you have found the precise cruise speed and “Feel” of optimization of the boat. This is where data is meaningless. If you are into mechanical things..you know where the point is where the machine is HAPPY and efficient. This all depends on loads onboard, fuel, what your towing, etc.. Just go see “sully” with Tom Hanks. Its being one with the vessel.



          7. You guys have too much fun and hopefully escape the debate. We bought a boat a couple of years ago and it had a head problem as well, ended up someone dropped a eye shadow thing in the toilet and it got lodged along with everything else. I spend a very warm day on the dock watching this large guy dig into the toilet not a pretty site but he got the job done. Trails and golfing beautiful, an adventure you will never forget. Thanks for posting!



          8. Hi guys,
            We are glad you bought the Image Stabilizing Binos…. BUT, it seems all pictures of Nick have a 3 day growth and rather ratty personal appearances. My I suggest An “Image Stabilizing Shave and makeover” for Nick Please.


      2. I was wondering when you were going to fill out your ballots, if you wait a few more days things may change again, let’s hope they call the whole thing off and start over.

        Love this post.



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