Day 19 Sept 21 Parting Shots and Thoughts- End of Leg 1: The Prologue to the Loop

We’re heading home for a few weeks so that we can make the rest of the “River Leg” in crisper (well, ‘crisper’ might be a stretch) weather  and  enjoy the autumn foliage. We can tend to a few things on the homefront and also give Nick’s rib(s) a chance to improve….just bending down to tie up the boat has become more than a pain and apparently my cleating method is never quite good enough!

KIDS!: See this for the next reference….everyone else, just hit play and enjoy while you read the rest of the blog!

We’ve traveled through some countryside that neither of us have experienced.  I would happily do it again too.  As Fogerty and CC&R say: “People on the river are happy to give.” We really did experience some genuine kindness, interest and giving.  Aside from uncountable well-wishes and smiles, we received everything from cool free beer koozies from various places (ok, ok, I just googled that ‘koozie’ spelling and see that they only cost 36 cents each…hahahaha…still we enjoyed the thought and the gifts!), super delicious home-grown tomatoes, help with repairs, tools lent without a question, advice about the rivers and locks,  rides into town, drinks on the docks, and even a nice long line (aka rope). But the whole experience really was a gift to us to see the river system, the people (including the other boaters from all over the world), the towns and cities, and the countryside  and yet still be able to be on our own little floating home (aka “fornt” word for “fort”!)

Enough words. Here are a few pix of our last few days that just didn’t fit into the daily blogs.

Yes, those are real meringue pies. 12 inches high. Patti’s 1800’s Settlement Restaurant. No, we didn’t have a piece! They also have a wide variety of other interesting pies including Sawdust Pies which were highlighted by  Bon Appetit in 1983! The meringue were more photogenic though.
Morning off-leash walk/run through some woods where Ziggy and I happened upon these 3 lonely tombstones. Only one had any inscription: dated 1876. Z looks like she is being chased by a ghost!
Cool mural history of the town of Paducah (30 minutes by car from Green Turtle Bay but at the confluence of the Ohio and the Tennessee Rivers and just a “holler” from the Mississippi River) painted the length of the flood wall.
Nick likes these flood line pix so gotta keep the Captain happy!





As with all the cities and towns that we have passed along the river, Paducah, Kentucky was most impacted by the floods of 1937.  But this only shows recent years.Still pretty intense!








From Pittsburgh to Paducah, we have been on the Lewis and Clark trail. Nearly every riverside town has some acknowledgment of that history along the way. Perhaps a road trip is in store to retrace their route north and west up to St Louis and beyond!?!? In fact, when other Loopers look at us in dismay (and judgment) that we have started this journey in a “small” boat and with no real advance planning, I do make note that we are eons beyond Lewis and Clark with technology, back up and knowledge (well, parts of that latter one might be up for debate! But at least we can google stuff!)

For you history buffs: Here’s the Lewis and Clark expedition map:


Paducah’s homage to Lewis and Clark and the local indians who made it all possible (too bad about afternoon lighting….but never got back for a better pic!) A plaque that accompanies the statues notes that Lewis paid four times as much for his dog as Clark paid for the land that is now Paducah. Nick should now really value Ziggy, right? The statue is a bit anachronistic: with the 19th century Indian statue wearing 21st century Sacajawea dollar coins as earrings –maybe Lewis and Clark were time travelers?
Evening tour of the harbor on the dinghy (like strolling the neighborhood). Turtles, birds and jumping fish keep Ziggy’s attention. We’re entertained by boats, their names and the people aboard.

We have not reported on our awareness of heading southward even though we are constantly reminded. For example:

  1.   Me: “Hi. I know there are a few different pools here but could you tell me where      the water aerobics class is?”       Her:  “Sure. It’s in dare.”Me: Looking confused as all I see past her is a small closet.

    Her: Seeing my confusion: “It’s in dare, up at the health club.”

    Me (to self): “Oooooooh,  it’s inDOOR.”

    2.   Me:”Hi. Can you tell me where we can get a bite to eat?”      Her: “Sho’ thing, down at the Paaart Cove.”

    ME: “Ooooooooh, the PIRATE Cove”  (thanks Johnny!).




    3.   Me: Hi, can you tell me how to get to the grocery store?

    Her: Sure just go up a block and turn left at the tar store.

    Me: contemplating that we ARE NOT in Washington and maybe they have tar stores here (my brain even runs to ‘tar and featherin’??)  then as we go a block looking for a roofing store or anything related to tar, to self:  “Oooooooh….. a TIRE store!”


Echos some occasional thoughts–including how fun it is to hangout with Nick.

PS. We have had multiple requests to fill in some details on certain aspects of the trip and on tech use of the blog…so perhaps in a free moment in the next few weeks we will add some of those tips (and anything else you might ask for??)  here before we return to the boat and mush on in a couple of weeks. Thanks for reading!!! If you “follow” the blog, then you’ll get a notice when we post and start the trip again. We have fun getting your comments and emails!









2 thoughts on “Day 19 Sept 21 Parting Shots and Thoughts- End of Leg 1: The Prologue to the Loop”

  1. Hi Nick and Barb, glad to hear you are home but I am going to miss your blog! REALLY!!! Definitely more entertaining than the news these days, I’m sure you could beat the upcoming presidential debate … No cracked ribs?? Maybe bruised? Could Ziggy be Nicks’s service dog? seems like he needs some emotional support along with his rum. If you could spare a evening while you are home would love to hook up.

    Alix and Dave


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