Day 18 Sept 20 Pokin’ Around Lake Barkely


Morning on the dock


It was good to know the boat was back to 100% although Nick’s injury seemed to regress….but nothing a few rum and cokes couldn’t paper over. This Marina is a major waypoint on the trip south with all sorts of boats passing through. The majority seem to be some type of trawler, but there are small C-Dory’s with 90hp outboards to 60’+ cocktail barges. Nick is battling the feeling it’s a race and gnashes his teeth as yet another boat pulls out heading south.

On the right a trawler, on the left a 40′ something with twin 350 outboards (and blonde crew member)(Editor’s Note: NOT editor’s comment-duh!) . Who gets to Florida first?

And this boat fits in its own category:

A Chinese Junk! We’ve sat here so long at Green Turtle Bay  that this junk that we saw over a week ago at the Rocky Point gas dock awaiting prop repair has caught up with us  They’re all set now.












We took a trip today on Lake Barkley. It’s actually the Cumberland River, but the bodies of water between locks are called lakes.  (see top feature pic)


We poked around some coves and some really nice marinas—all of which are basically closed as of Labor Day.  Too bad because we were going to have lunch along the way. Back to salads and lean meats on board while underway! We may come back to check out the little coves and anchorages as well as get a greasy meal at the marinas next year as we complete the loop.

Pretty coves and inlets all over (the Lake shore is like a puzzle piece)–FUN!  See chart.

Boat ran great after repairs and this was our first voyage without the dinghy on the back. I can’t say we jumped up onto plane, but it felt like it. We can get up to about 28 knots (I KNOW some readers can go WAY faster), which I thought was pretty good until some guy at the dock told me he can get his 56′ Carver up to 31 knots! How is that possible? That is a lot of beef moving at pace!

We saw another prison today. Same circa as the one we posted about in Moundsville, but this one is still functioning as Kentucky’s supermax for the ultra-violent with quite a history despite euphemistically being referred to as the “Castle on the Cumberland”…. Clearly we’re hitting all the garden spots.

A room with a view

I’m told there are two kinds of “loopers”; those that have run aground and those that have yet to do so. Well, Barb had the helm today for much of the morning and NO, she did not run aground because someone was studiously watching the charts and buoys lecturing about the greens, the reds, the cans, the nuns and blah, blah, blah.  [Editor’s Note: “lecturing”  is another nice euphemistic term. Btw, I was well between the green and red cans and still was getting “lectured”….does it matter if I am 15’ from a can as I pass? But yes, I did need help spotting cans and always requested it when necessary!]

Skirting the shallows

However, we had a hand-off and with Nick at the helm AND watching the charts AND watching the buoys AND passing slower boats we sort of missed the channel at one point. These rivers are freaking shallow outside the channel! We were in the middle of the river and the alarms went off, the depth gauge spooled down and we were in 1’8″ of water with easily 300 yards of river on either side of us. We didn’t go aground, but we kicked up some sediment. Worst of it was we’d just blasted past this big boy. Nick felt like an idiot.  [Editor’s Note:  who cares what other people think!?]

Not looking as frantic as he was feeling! Depthfinder reading: 2.9 ft –Yikes! ( Unseen due to lighting and photographer ineptness.)


We chugged along picking our way to deeper water while trying to look like our detour had been purposeful before throttling back up to head for home. [Editor’s Note: In BOTH our defense, I will say that “connecting the dots” between the cans was super hard given the lighting on the lake and the layout of the cans across the water…it really was quite hard to track where the next point was even when you were paying intense attention…so it certainly was compounded as we muscled past a slower boat in a narrow zone! Lesson learned…hopefully! ]

OK, this is not a dog blog, but we’ve been at the dock for awhile now and even Nick has been impressed by Ziggy’s skills. Finding the right toy for example. Here’s a pic of the dog toys(!) on board. You can tell Ziggy to “get monkey” and she will pick out the monkey. C’mon, that’s amazing! Yes, it’s time to get off this boat for awhile! [Editor’s Note:  Seriously, you know he’s had too much sun/time at the dock/rum and coke when you hear Nick a) write about Ziggy and b) do so positively! Wow! I want also to add that Ziggy now clearly prefers Nick over me! ]

Where’s Waldo…I mean Monkey? Can you find it? Ziggy can!

2 thoughts on “Day 18 Sept 20 Pokin’ Around Lake Barkely”

  1. I can’t help but laugh at the edits on edits. You guys are amazing to me!

    I’m still not quite sure WHY you are doing this trip, or how you chose this adventure! Maybe others knew all about it, but it surprised me. So if you ever feel like writing about the HOW and WHY of this adventure, I think it would be interesting!

    Ziggy must be overjoyed at the attention! I wonder what she is thinking? “Oh Daddy Nick! I made you laugh!”


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