Days 15- 17 Sept 17-19 Rockin’ the Dock (v2)


Although the Turtle Bay Marina is nice, we decided to head up the Cumberland River for Nashville on a sunny Saturday morning. Everything was ok as we left the Marina, but as we began to power up it became clear all was not good. We could only chug along at about 13 knots and could not get up on a plane (non-boaters, that’s not good!). We tried everything fiddling with trim tabs, standing on the bow, etc, but something was fundamentally wrong. B suggested it might be a prop problem and Nick FINALLY relented and had to admit that theory warranted some testing. Unfortunately (for Nick) that meant jumping into the murky waters to inspect the props. Despite B’s urging to go in naked, Nick, knowing there would be pictures, and wary of nearby party barges, opted for his suit.

Exploring problems

Even though I had swimmer goggles for him, the muddy water made it impossible to see.  He was left to problem-solving by braille.  He determined the prop was fine so came back on board and I made him shower off on the swim step then he got dressed and fiddled around a bit more with some other things.  Then, he decided to get back in the water (wet suit-ick!) and braille-check the trim tabs.  Yup! The port (aka left) trim tab was messed up. In fact it was just hanging off the transom attached by only the hydraulic cylinder. Yup, that makes it pretty hard to plane! The good news is we were not too far from the Marina, so we hobbled back to our same berth, took advantage of the buy 5 and get 7 day deal and now will sit at least until Monday when the mechanics return. Can’t be too sure what’s required to fix it, but shouldn’t be too bad.

So the fun thing is that while back at the dock we heard a rap on our window and met Don. Don and his wife Joan are from Boise (yay! the NW!)  and they are doing the loop in a Bayliner 288 just like ours! (yay! another small boat!)  They’re even traveling with their dog, Inky,  although he’s much bigger than Ziggy. Needless to say we were both delighted to find kindred spirits in so many ways.

We went to their place that evening for drinks (it’s boating, it’s what you do) and a quick tour of their boat. Hey it’s a 28′ boat….it’s a quick tour! Their boat was SUPER clean. Anyway, we had fun comparing boats and different things over wine on their dock and invited them to come over the next day for appetizers on our boat.  The other good thing was that while walking Ziggy w/ Joan  Inky I saw a bunch of fireflies! Yay. So cool…no picture turned out tho. It’s like little fairies flying around.  Reminded me of Mexico and Minnesota.

Nice to meet Don and Joan, but now they were coming to ours (which, dues to the rib injury has had less than it’s normal care) and the cleanliness gauntlet had been thrown. It’s Sunday, boat’s broken, you’re at a Marina you intended to leave and guests from a super clean boat are coming, so what are you going to do? How about drink beer and clean the boat?! That’s what we did. In so doing we found these cool window cover things!

Check it out! Cool matching window covers. Funny what you can find when you start really cleaning. Now we not only have sun screens but also no more excuses for B’s exhibitionist tendencies.


With B’s appetizers and another run across the county line for more wine we were set to entertain! And we were treated to this sunset on our “back patio.” (forgot to take a group pic…having too much fun!)


SUPER great news is that Don has his truck AND trailer here and offered to haul our boat out Monday. That saves us $180 in lift fees, plus gave us a fun group project.


I wish I could say all these big 40’+ boys at the Marina are impressed with our ability to haul our boat out at the local ramp, but at least the good ‘ol boys waiting to launch their bass boats were interested. I heard one guy say “now that there’s a big boat”. BTW….those bass boats absolutely scream over the water. They can’t have more than 6″ of hull in the water at top speed.

Long story short, yes, our trim tab was screwed up, yes it was simple to fix and yes we got back in the water all in the same day thanks to Don and Joan.

Yep, that’ll do it. Pretty much detached trim tab.
Fine-tuning the trim tab Kentucky-style with a piece of firewood.



Keep Scrolling DOWN—Can’t get rid of all the blank white spaces despite numerous attempts!










Now it’s Monday evening and although we’re back in the water we’ve decided to head home at the end of the week to allow time for the leaves to change here so we get the full splendor of the river as we head south (not to mention let the days get a bit cooler!). We’ll also have some miscellaneous tweaks done on the boat as these guys here are good and competent.

Before leaving, we’ll be doing some exploring on this big “lake” over the next few days and do another post before we leave. So check back again tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Days 15- 17 Sept 17-19 Rockin’ the Dock (v2)”

  1. Loyal reader from DUNEDIN noticing that a common thread is emerging in the blog. Barb always seems to be right and Nick is often noted to be resisting her rightness.


    1. I am sure someone with 35+ years of marital bliss understands the power of the occasional concession! Also, I didn’t say I was wrong, I simply accepted the merit of pursuing all options even if it did mean I had to jump in the water. BTW, even I am shocked by how little (ZERO) hair is on the top of my head in that pic!


    2. Dear Loyal (and Astute) Reader:
      You are certainly a thorough reader and certainly connected the common (and apparently not so subtle) thread! I am confident that you assume that there are many other similar incidents that are NOT being written about in the name of marital harmony and non-I-told-you-so’s. thank you for your readership!


  2. Love this post and Nick taking a swim. We’d love to hook up when you’re back to talk about your neat experiences, happy to come south. BTW Dave had a broken rib and didn’t even know it while he was on sabbatical kept going to the chiropractor to get adjusted bad idea. Dave and Alix


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