DAY 14 Sept 16 Rockin’ the Dock

We decided to spend a day here at Green Turtle Bay just because we have no schedule and this is a nice place. Plus, by hanging out we gave ourselves time to have someone come look at our two bilge pumps. I always thought bilges should be bone dry on well-organized boats, but our bilge has some water. The guy here says no big deal (although I can think of one reader who might possibly disagree), but we did have an electrical problem that needed to be fixed. I am embarrassed to admit how little I know about fixing various things, but I’m coming up the learning curve.

Speaking of being “bone dry” one thing we didn’t consider is that this Marina is in a “dry” county! They don’t sell any alcohol anywhere. You can’t even get a drink at a restaurant with your meal unless you bring in your own bottle and then they charge you for the privilege! Of course that didn’t seem to materially impact the number of drunks on the docks and we were up late chatting with an ex-cop and his wife who live year round on a 40′ sailboat summering in Kentucky and wintering in Key West. The guy was intent on giving me the coordinates for some island in the panhandle where you can runaround naked…..I swiftly trundled off to our boat and locked the hatch….now about those coordinates.

Today we’re off this AM in the Marina courtesy car (See? Nice Marina!) to the next county to buy beer. Sort of a de-tuned smokey and the bandit! Once “provisioned” we’ll head further up the River (and off our Loop track) to push for Nashville.

We ran out of eggs this AM, but the alternative was pretty good!

Maestra at the controls
2016-9-16 breakfast apple rice pancakes.JPG
Wild rice pancakes with apples and cinnamon (with some powdered sugar…and syrup)










The world is good when an ATM is within reach!


This is how B works every evening to keep this blog going. So read and enjoy, but comment too if you’re so inclined.



Hey Jenni and Brent! Here’s a Monk 36 like the one we chartered together in Desolation Sound…needless to say they do not keep pace!


We had to suffer the indignity of being told we were small enough to fit on the “sailboat dock!”


B posted a similar picture yesterday, but my caption is better!

Blue moon of Kentucky, keep on a-shinin’                                                                                            Shine on the one that’s gone and left me blue blue moon of Kentucky, keep on a-shinin’       Shine on the one that;s gone and left me blue It was on one moonlit night, stars shinin’ bright  Whispererd on high, love said goodbye   Blue moon of Kentucky, keep on a shinin Shine on the one that’s gone and left me blue .

(Editor’s Note: Kids!::: see  )





4 thoughts on “DAY 14 Sept 16 Rockin’ the Dock”

  1. Hi N & B Loopers, finally figured out how to post a comment, password ect. Green Turtle Bay looks pretty upscale, glad you took advantage of your “no schedule”. Did you know they have a marina cam and you were front and center?? I once took Dave on a long bike ride to a dry county in Martha’s Vineyard and he was not a happy camper so understand your frustration. Looks like you had a nice ride to find some beer, any good microbrews in Kentucky? I’m sure Nick took advantage of Spa treatments and Barb the Nautical fashions in Green Turtle. Look forward to more postings. Dave and Alix


    1. Haha no idea about live web cam- were we really on it? I should have done what I did out on Desolation Sound to salute you as we raced to drop anchor that day!
      We re now behind on blog posts by a few days. Will try and get to it tonight to report!
      Ps Henry needs a lesson in how to post a comment!


  2. That’s a pretty sad song, Nick. How about no Kentucky moonshine has left me pining for you and left me blue, blue, blue🎶. I hope Barb got some new boat thingies so she can handle it better. Looks like a great trip!


    1. I did get a T-shirt off the sale rack at the marina! The best “new” boat thingy i am hoping for is for the built in microwave to be removed! It currently is housing my vinegars and oils and otherwise taking up space–never use them! But it is somehow afixed such that the refrig has to be unbolted (who knows where!>!?!?) and removed to get at the bolts(?) holding the microwave. Who dreams this stuff up??!


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