Day 13 Sept 15 Jumpin’ Rivers


Woke up to our first truly overcast morning. The early morning walk was a crisp 74 degrees at 7 am. Some relief from the heat but it still hit 90 by late afternoon. During our morning walk we seemed to be haunted by these vultures everywhere we looked.




Not sure of the type of vulture but they certainly have no shortage of dead, stinky, BIG fish to eat (Nor am I sure of what type of fish they are either). We see them bobbing along the river and along the shore so frequently that we’ve stopped saying: “Look!”

We said good bye to the Ohio River today after over 918+ miles of sightseeing along its shores.  We turned left and started UP river (new!) on the Cumberland River. (I will try to update the map on the Home page in the next day or so).  This river water looks better now, it’s also not as wide nor as expansive as the Ohio but does have the same general mix of undeveloped countryside and industry and commerce: barges, coal, power plants, quarries, etc.  The narrowness calls for another barge picture though:

Captain James Bond passing on the left at high speed and skimming over the shallow water.

The lock, thankfully, was much the same as what we’ve grown accustomed to; however, there were some rude Loopers who were in a very slow boat and had called ahead to the Lockmaster saying they were approaching (when they were still over an hour away from the lock) which tricked the Lockmaster into holding the lock open for them and causing us (and another boat) to sit waiting over an hour until the slow boat arrived. You can only imagine my Captain’s frustration and number of calls to the Lockmaster! At least there was no jumping around though or we may have ended up with another broken rib!

We arrived at the largest marina yet (and fanciest—nice laundry room and nice shower rooms….and a pool): Green Turtle Bay Marina near Grand Rivers, Kentucky.  There is a mega-lake here with lots of fun places to boat and poke around in. We’ll get a bit of that done; but it probably could be a whole summer’s worth. There are more Loopers here than we can count and it seems we are the newest newbies….some people are half way around the Loop or about to finish and others are even on their 3rd or 4th  Loop.

You can see why it is called Green Turtle Bay!  Tons of them–right at our dock!

Needless to say, Ziggy was entranced!











On our walk  we also met Wilbur the pig.

Doing what dogs do when they meet a new friend.













Kind of seems to been an animal-themed day without even trying….and I didn’t mention the 4 pairs of bald eagles we passed as we went up river.  So I’ll end on our view of the full moon and sailboat masts out our window (better in real life…and probably with a fancy camera….so use your imagination.)


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