Day 12 Sept 14 Doin’ Miles

So I’m left to chat about a fairly boring day given B’s rules about who gets to cover what!  I had all these great pics, but she claimed them for her last entry, so now I have to scramble. Today was a long day with over 150 miles traveled, two locks and a gas stop. I think we forgot to mention we’d traded Indiana for Ohio on our right and now we’ve traded Indiana for Illinois ! Kentucky remains on the left.   We’re a stone’s throw from turning left off the Ohio River onto the Tennessee and finally beginning the actual “Loop” we’re supposed to be doing. So we’re actually near the spot we’ll hopefully be returning to in about 12 months time to officially “cross our wake” and lay claim to being “Loopers.” From here on we’ll be likely meeting others on this same journey. Today we crossed paths with this boat that was just finishing completing 7,000 miles over last year.

Our first official “burgeed” (aka little flag on the bow) Loop boat with whom we’ve crossed paths. (It’s hard to see. The wind didn’t cooperate but really it is a Looper burgee.


We did see some interesting things today like this dredge thing that was filling barges with sand it was digging up from midstream.


In addition, I saw the LARGEST barge set so far….25 barges! No kidding, five barges across and five long. These barge crews apparently work one month on going up and down the river and then have one month off.

I know, I think B may have said no more barge or lock pix…but couldn’t resist this record number.

Navigating the river is weird. If you’ve boated in the Pacific Northwest you know you come to recognize shore patterns and likely shallow water. There is NO rhyme or reason in the river. You can be in 30′ of water five feet from shore and then in 10′ in the middle of a river stretch with over a half a mile from bank to bank. Charts are no help! I follow the buoys…..because as you can see I don’t have an active lookout:

B can fall asleep anywhere at any time of the day. No exception here.

Sorry for the shortage of pics….normally we share pics, but EVERY one of B’s pics from today has the dog in it and I refuse to post those on my days!

B’s add on:

Come on!  There actually were a few more interesting picture opportunities (even without the doggy). The docking experience at the marina known as the Oasis of the Ohio near Golconda, Ohio (aka nothing else around) was like none other. Aside from a different atmosphere (loud music all night long, etc) among the live-aboards, the general personality of the dock also had some pretty fun and/or eclectic decorating of their respective dock areas. Here are just a few shots…you’ll get the feel from these:

Note the hanging hammock chair, 2 tables for lots of card games, but mostly the back left: flat screen TV, a supply of booze, and a coffee pot.   (this stuff is out permanently…not just for the day.


The pretty look…note the it-must-be-Fall decorative gourd!
Supply of firewood at the ready! or is it beach wood for crafts?  Either way, they are ready!
Our personal favorite.  LOVE the cool old wood work bench!…and the name: “Trailer Trashed”


One thought on “Day 12 Sept 14 Doin’ Miles”

  1. Nick, loved the barge pic and navigational tips should we cruise a river sometime. Barb, good you’re relaxing. Love the dock scene, especially the flat screen above the tupperware bar/cupboard. Better than Husky tailgate…


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