Day 11 Sept 13 O Captain! My Captain

Today we woke up to a nice brisk morning which was a welcome relief to the heat we’ve been experiencing to date. We’d spent a relatively calm night at a Marina on the edge of Louisville thanks to our negotiating a slip change after getting rocked the previous afternoon at the first spot we were given. Note to self….when entering a marina that’s full at one end and empty at the other, assume there’s something “about” the empty end!

The big news for the day and perhaps to haunt us for the next few weeks, is my Captain cracked a rib. Some readers may know he’s not too patient. So when confronted with a locked dock gate with a touch pad code that was screwed up and blocking him from his morning shower, he thought he was still 17 years old and decided to take a leap from dry land down about 5’ and across another 4’ to the dock. The dock won with a slippery trick of morning dew. The rib lost. Painfully. I mourn the loss probably nearly as much as Walt Whitman mourned the loss of Abraham Lincoln, captain of the ship USA.

Nick powered on the rest of the day with less strenuous activity than normal since the weather was clear, the river calm with nearly zero activity except for the occasional barge (see top picture of basic view all day) and my attempts to take over some of the  rib-movement activities–I’m learning how to do the power connecting stuff! Yay.

Today we had our longest distance day yet: 155.7 miles.  If we’d driven, it would have been only 107 miles; If we’d been a crow, even less. But, I’m on a boat !–sorry rap fans! even this old hag knows THAT song!  For you readers who like techie-boat stuff, you might enjoy seeing how many twists and turns we take to get just a few miles:

The Long, Long, Winding Route:  These two screen shots were taken only about 10 minutes apart.  (For the non-techie-boat people…the little black boat is us with the black line tracing our path down the river)  Both shots are headed DOWN stream.


Stopped at Derby Landing to stretch our legs and realized we had also been here before in 2012 on the Harley

With more to offer than what the greeting sign suggests, we found chocolate eskimo ice cream sandwiches to cool down the swollen rib cage!


An unexpected reward awaited at our “marina” for the evening.  Technically called Owensboro Marina, it’s unofficial name AND sign say otherwise:

Yes, Henry, it’s official: We are in THE club!  Gas tanks on the bow, mismatched fenders, unshaven look, and all!

To our further enjoyment we spent a great evening chatting with the locals who drive down to the little patio overlooking the marina after work and/or just hang out there because they‘re retired and don’t want to be under foot at home. Quite the crowd!  They just sit around drinking byob—mostly just beer:



but they brought out some moonshine for us (in a mason jar, no less!)!

Yes, Steve we can now sing your Kentucky moonshine ditty you posted to the comments a few days ago!

For the readers who know me, you might be surprised to know that a) I tried it and b) I REALLY liked it…until I stood up and then I realized it’s intensity.  A quick brisk walk with the dog cleared my head and one of the guys invited us to the famous Moonlite Restaurant. So we left the dog on board and headed up into town for a great all you can eat BBQ /smoked meats with all the sides that you can imagine (and more ) …not to mention deserts.

And then the hangover -free sunrise over the Redneck Yacht Club in morning:



but still feelin’ like an Ole Mule kicked My O Captain in the ribs.



4 thoughts on “Day 11 Sept 13 O Captain! My Captain”

  1. For the many who advised getting a chart plotter for the trip…..that picture demonstrates why you can’t use them for navigation on the river. That redline is the recommended course to get to the next waypoint! Nice efficiently direct route, but we’d need to add wheels. Speaking of navigating, believe it or not at one point we went East, West, and South all within about 2 miles and while proceeding on the most efficient route. At another we had to go 8 miles on the river to get to point that had been 1/3 of a mile away by land!


  2. Ouch! Sorry to hear about Nick’s broken rib. Having experienced a few myself, I know how painful, inconvenient, and generally annoying it is.

    Barb, your stories are great! I love the idea of what you are doing! I might not be able to handle the reality, but it makes me smile to think of you and Nick making it happen, one day at a time!

    Love to Ziggy!


  3. Couldn’t help saying this but the map of the river meander reminded me of my last colonoscopy. Mine has more curves than others as it’s very long. Not that I’m bragging….
    Hope you heal quickly Nick!


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