Sept 12 Fuelin’ Around by Cap’n Nick


Today was an easy day from a distance point of view as we decided to only travel about 50 miles to Louisville, Kentucky and stage ourselves for a huge day tomorrow as we may try to do up to 200 miles. We took advantage of the relatively short distance and multiple fuel stations to do a little miles/gallon benchmarking in the hope Barb might accept full speed ahead was our most efficient run rate. There was good news and bad news! The good news is running at 22 knots is about 40% more efficient than running at 15. The bad news is that running at 7 knots is even MORE efficient getting us up to 2.5 miles/gallon. While that latter number is interesting to know for emergency purposes, a friend of mine once said he had more money than time. I agree, so we’ll not be doing a lot of 7 knot cruising! Not to mention driving an I/O at 7 knots is a pain.

Taking pictures of instruments is what you do at 7 knots! Doesn’t even register on the speedo


The barge traffic is picking up in both volume and size. Biggest so far is a tug pushing a raft of barges four wide and five deep. I have no idea how they control the load,

This big boy was pushing barges into the lock

but we weave around and between barge traffic as we go, monitoring the radio. Today we heard Barb getting called out for “sneaking around” one down bound barge as that barge captain talked to an upbound captain to warn him of the “pleasure craft” coming around his stern! Can’t leave the helm for a moment!

Biggest load so far…20 barges! Is this really better than a pipeline?

We have yet to figure out riverside construction. This huge river apparently can get up to 20′ higher than it is right now. Some people own rv’s they drive away, others have homes right on the current riverbank while others build like this.


Of course the boat is not the only thing in need of refueling at the end of the day!


3 thoughts on “Sept 12 Fuelin’ Around by Cap’n Nick”

  1. We have been reading your blog and Despardly want to reply but can’t figure out how with passwords up the kazoo, hope this one goes thru, this is a test if this works we will send more. DDD alias “more money than time”…


    1. Yes it worked! Sorry about any and all weird blog tech things…believe me, i am very frustrated by it…on more than one occassion just a i am about to push the “publish” button on a post i have struggled to upload, it crashes and i have to start all over again. thanks for reading!


  2. Glad to know I am not the only one who has struggled with the comment technology.

    I really enjoyed the Un Lockey 13 story. I was hanging on just hoping you were not capsized.

    I have often wondered while crossing the Ballard Locks what happens if a boat gets hung up. Now I know…still I loved the description.

    Pictures are cool. I laughed at the 2.5 miles to the gallon story. Louisville is a cool city. If you ever wanted to get off the boat and go touring, are there safe places to dock?

    Kentucky hills are beautiful! And of course the horses and distilleries. By now, you are probably already down the river.



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