Day 8 Sep 10 First big rain

After a week on the river we’ve begun to develop a routine revolving around the dog’s exercise needs (read bathroom breaks) and the boat’s seeming constant need for fuel! Most people on this journey seem to take months and some cases years before getting on the water. We basically flew in, got on the boat and opened the chart book. Let’s face it, it’s tough to get lost going down a river and we’re not exactly going down the Amazon. VISA and conveniently located ATM’s make up for a lot of planning gaps! We’re basically doing about 100 miles a day and staying at small riverside marinas within short walks to small towns. B is chomping at the bit to anchor out (and use our fancy new anchor), but it’s been so warm we’ve opted for docks with power so we can fire up our AC.

We’ve replaced West Virginia with Kentucky to our left and Ohio is still there to our right. Last night we stayed at White Oak Creek Marina. It was basically an RV park with a dock. It was a little oversold by the guidebook we’re using. RV set ups like this are really popular along the river as people are able to have “river cabins” in the summer which they can then move to way higher ground during the flood season. The shower facilities were not good, but gave Nick an incentive to fix the boat’s  shower which we then used. Yay.

We were expecting thunderstorms today so we decided to get up early and try to beat the weather to Cincinnati. Of course, Nick was also trying to get to someplace to watch some college football! We made it to Four Seasons Marina (not THAT Four Seasons) just outside of town in warm sunshine and with plenty of time to enjoy the pool and watch the ominous clouds roll in from the northwest. Pretty cool how you could watch the weather moving in. Better yet, you could see it all from a dockside bar stool while drinking beer, watching football and eating bbq’d ribs.

After and Before (yes, wrong order! Haha) View of the marina from bar during rain storm and later at sunset.


The winds were strong and the rain intense, but this was a nicely protected spot and while we had some leaves blown onto the boat, the rain actually did a nice job of rinsing the deck. This was the first Marina since Pittsburgh to sell diesel (we burn gas) and you could see the difference at the dock; many more big boats versus what we’ve seen this past week.

Yes, we know our readers from home (the Great Pacific Northwest) know what rain on windows looks like…but as always still felt good to be dry and cuddly inside listening to the thunder boom by, lightening striking, and even the wind knocking us about in the nice marina.

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