Days 6 and 7 Sept 8/9

Just when we thought we’d cracked the 2 miles/gallon mark (non-boaters: it is what it is!), we were pushed down below 1.5 as winds picked up and we punched through chop. Nothing like the Sound, but who would have thought a wide river could have whitecaps?! Of course each bend brought different conditions so we were constantly fiddling with throttle and trim tabs. Despite all that, we are way faster than most people cruising the river although I suspect we’re pounding our Visa card a bit harder at the gas dock too!

Major coal territory here. Hence another coal powered energy plant shot at the top of the page!  Although Ohio state is still on the right bank, Kentucky  (as opposed to West Virginia) is now on our left as we go downriver.  Several navigable rivers flow down out of the Kentucky hills into the Ohio River but they all appear to be quite commercial/industrial so we won’t be venturing up (besides THAT would kill our MPG!)  At the junctions with these rivers, barge traffic increases.

It’s hard to capture the immensity of these.  Nick is always counting how many barges are being pushed at a time. The top one has 4 across and  3 long…but there have been some with 6 or more longer.  It takes them a mile to come to a stop and very little turning/maneuverability…so we have to stay out of their way!
“Ice Piers” for barges and fleets of barges to tie up to while waiting to load, off-load, or go to next destination.

Despite all this commerce and industry there are major swathes of quiet, green peaceful zones.  The River has local, state, national parks of various sizes dotting its shores as well as zones with houses of all types: from fun campgrounds with campers and tents to mcmansions.

There hasn’t been one morning that it has been below 72 degrees  at 6 am.  The highs have been above 99.  The big news is we have AC. Yes, our budget Bayliner has AC on board capable of cooling the cabin to 70 degrees when it’s 90 outside! Just like walking into a room at the Hyatt!

We planned to anchor out last night, but we got to the spot too early and since it was so hot, we cruised on to Shawnee State Park Marina in a nice picturesque cove….with a golf course just up the dock ramp. (Yes, Nick brought golf clubs at B’s insistence).  Nick was up early today to play golf and returned quite content with his game.

One of the most scenic golf holes in Ohio (per pro shop). If you zoom in on the flag stick, you’ll see our boat just to the left.

While Nick golfed, B and Ziggy had a great, long morning walk through the woods and along the river  alone for most of the time but crossing paths with several different friendly locals who loved to chat about the dog, the Great Loop, and the unseasonably hot weather. 2016-9-9-z-trio-walk













2016-9-9-cubby-discoveryDuring Nick’s golf outing, B (and Z) made use of Nick’s discovery last night: another “cubby” and reorganized things, swabbed the deck, caught up on reading  with Ziggy snuggling by,  and took this pic of the interior so that our readers (aka Henry) can see our “fornt” (aka fort)  (both “words” are family words)

For scale: the width at the “head” of the bed (which really seems like the foot of the bed) is actually wider than a king size bed! The actual head (aka bathroom) is on the right (hence “there’s a bathroom on the right”–sorry CC&R!)) and to the left is a large storage area as well as a LONG “cubby” with a mattress (under the dinette area) that could sleep two 20-somethings who were really in love or just one not so-crazed-person comfortably….but we just have a bunch of stuff stowed there!

Parting shots from White Oak Creek Marina, Ohio:

Captain Nick received training back at our first dock on Beaver River from Dockmate Damian in artistic dock-line management and it has become a staple….and notice Fall is coming!

A dad net fishing for shad while one of his sons got a ride on our novel (for him and most others around here) inflatable.

Ohio River at White Oak Creek, Ohio



4 thoughts on “Days 6 and 7 Sept 8/9”

  1. So this Blog thing is hard to do! I love the posts and the pictures! Especially the one of Ziggy with her ears flying in the State Park.

    But it says reply here, and I Try, but it doesn’t work. So, just know I love reading about The Adventure! The subtext to me that I hear from you, Barb, is “where am I and why am I here?

    But then you guys are so amazing in your adventures! The energy stuff is just what it is! We have lived in a relatively beautiful place..without a lot of in your face development!

    The beauty is always there, one mile at a time! I love Ziggy!!!! She is a great dog! Keep her close! I suspect she loves the Great Adventure more than you!

    I love you both! Jane

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