Day 5 Sept 7 View from the Bridge -Guest Blog by Captain Nick

Doing a blog is a lot of work so we’re going to split drafting duty as we try to catch up the posts to where we actually are. Did 100 miles today and passed through two locks with little fanfare although it’s an effort to look capable! It’s pretty amazing to realize the river tug captains get through these locks pushing 15 loaded barges (3 across and 5 deep) although I think they split the load in half to go through the locks. Still…’s much more than a 30′ i/o to handle. What’s more amazing is this massive lock infrastructure kicks into gear just to let our little boat through.

Enlarge this and look at clearance on either side (and this is the “big” lock)!
Small boat in big lock (but this is the “small” lock)

We’re on more open river now and able to maintain a steady 20 knots.

B at the helm. Notice WN flag!

Still gauging fuel consumption because we have a 215 mile run with no gas available coming up and that’s close to our range. We have a “hillbilly” solution, although the boaters reading this will probably shudder. Hey, we’re Bayliner owners!

9-8-16 gas tanks N.JPG

Spent night in Gallipolis, Ohio at some ramshackle Marina off the River. It was a narrow 4′ deep channel to get in marked by pvc pipes….nice. The good news is we re-stocked at the local Piggly Wiggly and bought barb a camouflage folding chair to use on the dock. Now we ARE local.


If you’re a reader of this blog and worried about global climate change, be very worried as there are MASSIVE coal burning power plants all over the Ohio River fed by an amazing number of coal barges floating up and down the river. Cannot see how that changes quickly without massive economic disruption.

“Well, that’s really not the best picture” B

Barb’ s last word(s):

He’s right, there really are way more intense pix o those coal powered energy producing plants.  But oh well.  A few tidbits to wrap up the day:

Nick at the “poop deck”….moments before I helpfully squirted a bunch of fresh water down the outtake to try and dilute it…and gross remnants blasted out onto Nick.  Not good,  Very not good!  




93 degrees + 3:30pm + McDock = chocolate milkshake                                                                           In the town of Pomeroy, Ohio-check out its 2 Guinness Book of World!)





4 thoughts on “Day 5 Sept 7 View from the Bridge -Guest Blog by Captain Nick”

  1. I would imagine now you are well indoctrinated into the Redneck Yacht Club! Really is interesting to see our own country from a boater’s perspective. A hell of a lot more fun than sitting on some barge in France eating snails 🙂 Hey Nick, don’t they let you macerate right into the river instead of pumping out ?💩


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