Day 4 Sept 6 Marrietta, Ohio-A Surprise

Surprisingly great little city with a lot going for it: active waterfront scene with long, picturesque waterfront walk/bike path, college town, touristy-historical events and a staunch abolitionists movement and beginning of the underground railroad system.  But since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll let these do the work (well, with a few explanatory captions!) :

Launched in 1918 –last link between the steam-powered, stern-wheel towboats and diesel powered propeller barge. Retired from work in 1954. Took 20 people to operate her.

The tops of the poles mark the high water line at various flood years. You can see the actual river in the picture at the right–the dark black way in the back down a steep hill.  Pretty intense!


A modern stern-wheel house boat!

Marrietta was named in honor of Marie Antoinette for France’s support of our independence.  Better in real life! Same guy that did Mt Rushmore!

Not sure why the guy with the camera was flipping me off…but it made me laugh.  Maybe he thought I stole his photo?  (Sky was way better in real life! So frustrating!)


2016-9-6-wood-tree-carving    I liked this guy carved into a dead tree…friendlier than the guy who flipped me off…altho not as amusing!

Sunset over the stern-wheelers lining up for the  Stern-wheel Festival this weekend.



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