Day 3 Sept

Prima Marina in lifting fog.  Note the grey cinderblock repair/replacement at the end of the building?  the water rose to the top of that line in 2005 and filled the restaurant.


Great travel day. Early start after deciding to not leave Beaver River yesterday because the next lock had a 3 hr traffic jam/wait   One of the two chambers was closed/broken. Less than a 10 min wait for each of the 3 locks we did today though so that was the right decision–especially on a hot day and with potentially impatient travelers. (FYI now the locking tie-up system is is different… Easier but different which means learning a new method!

Tonight at “mile post ” 102 of the Ohio River at Moundsville, West Virginia .  The state of Ohio is on the right bank (down-bound ) and West Virginia is on the left bank . Docked at “Prima Marina” which amounts to a gas dock w some extra  cleats to tie up to, a questionable power outlet and a smoke-filled restaurant /bar up the bank  — not very prima.

A nice guy  hanging around the bar named Tom gave us a ride to the laundromat with some tourist sites along the way: a modern (aka a building built in the last 20 years — a now closed telecom center  and the also now -closed, but certainly more historically interesting the original state pen (built in 1866 (remember when the Civil War was? ) and closed in 1995 as well as the definitely historical namesake Mounds ( largest ancient burial grounds of the Adena dating back to 250 BC.) Tom even picked us up after we finished at laundromat and swung by the grocery store with us for a a few things… including a 6 pack for Tom !

The State Penitentiary entrance–actually occupies about 3 x 6 blocks;  the Adena mound; and Tom, in the car, not cooperating with a photo-op in front of the State Pen.

We did miss going to the Paranormal After-life Museum though! Seriously –it’s number 3 on Tripadvisor in Moundsville.

Since we had a nice taco salad on the upper deck as we boated along and since it was so hot (90+ degrees) , when Nick offered to “take me out to dinner” at the restaurant/bar to take in the locals, I jumped on the opportunity to get bathed in smoke.

Remember the Forrest Gump scene with Bubba talking about shrimp about 1000 different ways? Well we had a similar Saturday night live type performance  at the bar as we eaves-droped on four people talk about how they like their hamburgers cooked: medium rare or medium. The conversation lasted, and I kid you not, 25 minutes. Can’t imagine how long the conversation would’ve gone on if they’d added in discussing rare and well done too.   But we enjoyed ourselves and chatting with a few other people at the bar as well. My medium rare mushroom and Swiss cheeseburger was perfect!

             You know you’re not in Washington when:

All I can say to that is: GO HAWKS and GO M’s!

6 thoughts on “Day 3 Sept”

  1. Hello B&N, just started reading your maritime adventure blog! Tell Nick his plastic tub of a boat is looking really nice. I’m sure the photos are making the Dave and Alex envious and they probably are starting to think about replacing their San Juan 40 with a 26′ Bayliner….


    1. C’mon Brent it’s a 288 and about 30′ loa! At least that’s the length we’re getting charged for at the dock…..but yes, it IS a Bayliner.


  2. Moundsville is where the Haley grandparents lived while JC (co-founder of B&H) was an artist and designer for the Fostoria Glass Company. His older brother Reuben also had a stint working at Fostoria before him. This was where the straw that broke the camel’s back hit: His hay fever got SO bad there that it pushed him to come west in 1908 on the train to find a good place to move to – which was, of course, Tacoma at the end of the NP line. May and the two oldest Haley kids then followed after he found work as a Schilling pepper sales rep.


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