DAY 2 Sept. 4 Sunday


Nick fixed the lines on the fenders. Gone now are all the scraggly, hard, old ones….I guess one comment on that was enough! Yay! Also special surprise kudos to Nick for super calmness in the light of the near-fiasco-esque locking episodes, the power to the lighting in the boat not working until he calmly and measuredly sourced the problem and resolved! And a perfect flank steak grill last night. Not to mention all the great docking: Double Yay!  

We had planned to push off the dock late morning, but one thing led to another and we spent the night at the same marina again! Nick got the dinghy successfully launched for the first time off the davit (w/ some help from Dockmate Damian who not only provided some clues and moral support but also a ride to the store to pick up some oil for the new little engine.)

Some shots of us dinking around up and down the Beaver (River)  — from up to the first dam and down to the grocery store (we had to walk up and across the bridge but otherwise, very handy little trip!)

2016-9-4 waiting for godad.jpg

Waiting for Godad ( with apologies to Eugene Ionesco)




Family shopping venture

















2016-9-4 good balancer.jpg
I’m a good balancer!



2016-9 4 chile dinner beaver river.jpgEasy dinner tonight:

Leftover flank steak chile, grilled corn and stuffed mushrooms

Chatting dockside until after dark w/ Jeff and his wife and Karen and Dockmate Damian. Got lots of river, gas and marina hints! Woo hoo!  And woke up to some yummy leftover special root beer on our back deck.

Dropped from two scoops to one at the ice cream spot up the hill. (Nick held steady on course with 2).

Bitter—sweet: We did successfully stay away from the neighboring burger drive-in (kids: look that up…ie NOT a drive THRU!) with this fun, sexy neon.

2016-9-4 diner.jpg

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